Equine Guided Leadership

Partnering with a horse offers a unique opportunity to explore areas important to many of us – communication, relationships, and leadership.  In these exploratory workshops we will bring awareness to the question of how we learn, particularly as competent, experienced professionals.  Horses are authentic, emotionally congruent, natural herd animals who seek relationships based on trust and respect.  Using this pure relationship as a vehicle to promote insight and learning, our workshops offer a unique opportunity to access your authentic self and true leadership style in a beautiful natural setting.  Through facilitated exercises with the horses and one another, we will pay attention to what emerges.

Why Horses?

Horses and humans have evolved together over thousands of years.  For some reasons we understand and others that remain a mystery, horses have an uncanny ability to help humans learn.  Their capacity to naturally sense and react to what is happening within us allows us to tap into ways of being that we may have previously ignored.  While there is a growing body of literature in this field and we can explain why horses offer such powerful learning opportunities for humans, nothing is nearly as useful or meaningful as coming out to the barn to have your own experience with these master teachers.

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How Horses Facilitate Learning

  Horses perceive and respond to energy as a means of communicating.  The majority of human communication is nonverbal too but we have lost touch with this valuable mode of expression and connection.  Horses reflect back to us what they perceive from us and provide the opportunity for us to learn how we build relationships, how we meet challenges and how we lead at work and in our lives.  This work can be subtle and it can bring abundant clarity.  If you are interested in increasing your effectiveness as a leader, bring curiosity and an open mind to this experience.

If diving into this mystery intrigues you, come and invite the horses to support your journey.  We’re on it with you.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

We typically offer workshops on Fridays during the “dry season” (March-October).  Tailored team development experiences specifically designed for the unique needs of an intact team are available year-round.  Please contact us for more details.

EFL Collaborators

Judith believes startup leaders play an essential role in improving the world when they connect their heads with their hearts.  She has witnessed and experienced the power of horses to help us see what is in our hearts and where we need to grow.  Judith has an MS in Clinical Psychology, is a licensed psychotherapist and has been coaching business leaders for 25 years.
Nancy is fascinated by the courage of start-up leaders and uses her work to help them discover and embrace their own style of leadership.  She has worked with start ups as both investor and coach/facilitator.  She has an MBA from Dartmouth and an MA in Clinical Psych from PSP.
Stephanie is a nutritionist, an adventurer, and a nationally certified (CEIP) equine-facilitated educator. She brings a holistic viewpoint to all her consulting work by scratching beneath the surface for what is fueling clients from the both the inside and the outside. She is an avid horsewoman who graduated from Cal Poly.
Jessica is consistently inspired and humbled by the profound impact animals can have on our sense of self and our way of being in the world if we only allow them.  She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Therapeutic Riding Instructor (TRI) and Founder of Equinicity Marin.

When you Come

Our equine facilitated programs are held at the Golden Gate Dairy Stables in Muir Beach, CA. A mere thirty minutes from San Francisco you are surrounded by natural beauty where you can temporarily let go of the digital world and rejuvenate. Our interactions with the horses take place on the ground, no riding involved.  No previous horse experience is required and the level of engagement with the horse will be by personal choice.  Observation alone leads to powerful learning.

Bring:  Lunch, water bottle, sunscreen, hat, notebook and pen

Wear:  Layers (coastal weather), closed-toed sturdy shoes or boots

Directions:  For easiest driving directions, Google Map the Pelican Inn

We are about 20 minutes from the Hwy 101 exit in Marin.

Parking:  Please stack cars in front of the hay barn. We will be there to guide you.