Equinicity Marin is the equine facilitated psychotherapy practice of Jessica Pinto,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC53420 (LMFT)

Recognition for the therapeutic power of partnering with horses is growing and spreading, check out the latest press:

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First evidence-based study to measure positive levels of stress hormones in children in touch with horses

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Life is about rhythm.  We are naturally rhythmic beings with countless internal systems synchronizing throughout our bodies every moment of the day and yet we so often find ourselves feeling out of synch.  Stress, worries, depression, traumas, transitions, and simply the monotony of the “daily grind” can leave us feeling both weighted and anchorless at the same time.

Utilizing the healing powers of horses and nature, Equinicity Marin is a place to learn, grow, connect, and synchronize to your life’s natural rhythm.